If you decide to order a cross-stitch portrait according to photo, this site will be sure useful for you. On this page you will find an overview of room decorating with cross-stitch canvases, of cross-stitch history, and in general of what it is to embroider a portrait with cross stitch. If you are familiar with these points and want to order a cross-stitch portrait from your photo right now e-mail us or make a call to phone number given at the end of this page.

Now let's begin with a short historical overview.

The tradition of handmade cross-stitch came from the East and appeared in Europe in the 17th century: at first at houses of well-grounded aristocrats and the bourgeoisie, later - in life of ordinary people.

Ornamental oriental patterns changed in Europe: biblical scenes became a dominating subject of the image which after the Reformation gave way to reflect secular life. Handicraftsmen and peasants lives were reflected in their culture by cross-stitch: houses, landscapes, birds, animals were presented on the canvases.

For well-grounded city layers the subject of cross stitch had more skillful nature and not so much reflected the reality, as how claimed for the status of Art objects.

Carrying on this European tradition, we create Art objects - handmade cross-stitched portrait. Your portrait executed manually in traditional technique, the one and the only.

Still didn't decide to order handmade cross-stitched portrait according to a photo? Then go on reading and you will know why cross-stitched portrait is more natural and unique than any other decor items.

The image embroidered in technique of a handmade cross, consists of the smallest daggers of different colors which have different coefficient of light refraction. As a result the effect of magic extensionality and vivacity of a pattern is reached: saturated or dark colors as though roll in a cloth, and light parts - on the contrary, slightly rise, given forward. It fills the cross-stitched pattern with mysterious power.

The cross-stitched canvases ideally are in harmony with impressive wall-paper, with the walls draped with fabric or gobelins. The minimalism of the colored walls is also perfectly combined with the saturated cross-stitch image, emphasizing householder's style sense.

How can we describe the cross-stitched portrait in a word? - GORGEOUS.

If "gorgeous" makes you tremble to think about ordering a cross-stitch portrait from your photo right now e-mail us or make a call to phone number given at the end of this page.

It is worth saying about not mass prevalence of room dressed by handmade cross stitch. Remember: how often have you seen canvases embroidered with a handmade cross in your friends' apartments or at offices? It is unlikely often. Most likely, you've never had to meet such cultural artifacts neither at your friends' houses, nor at offices.

It is an excellent opportunity to present to your friends in their apartments, to businessman in his office the portrait embroidered with a handmade cross, isn't that so? To present a thing that is absolutely original. Not any abstract plotless art, not any standard painted portrait, but the real, live, executed in traditional technique, and at the same time rare, a cross-stitching of an image by decorative strings of the mouline thread and fabric.

You receive the original object of art which has been laboriously executed by hands only for you. Do you know how many daggers it is necessary to cross-stitch a pattern of 16" × 20" in size? More than 60 thousand daggers. Ponder upon this quantity!!! Here it is scale!

You can order a handmade cross-stitched portrait according to a photo you or your friend or member of your family are on. Our art designer stylizes an image until you can say, "yes, this is art."

Unique in technique of execution on the one hand, and unique in the image portrayed on the other, connecting, give rise to that single beauty which is so necessary for our lives.

To cross stitch a portrait by your order the photo is required only.

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